Update 71

Now to replace all animals with goats until they fix the animals.

Much needed server performance improvements
Added stone external wall
Added wood external wall
Fixed player headbox
Fixed player holdtype not updating
Fixed player inventory not always being networked to other players properly
Fixed player eyes sticking out when dead
Added utf8 mode to rcon (send message id 5 to turn it on)
Added workshop
Fixed dragging clothes onto item in inventory making item dissapear
Fixed closing console executing command
Can't voice chat when dead or sleeping
Always get at least one seed from corn/pumpkin
Metal footstep sounds
Misc sound cleanup and polish
Spear range increased
Spear attack radius decreased significantly
Spear attack repeat delay increased
Serverside melee check maxdistance reduced
Oil/HQMetal less common
Oil more common in desert
HQMetal more common in Artic/tundra
Being downed twice in 60 second results in death instead of another wounding phase
Stuck explosives fall off their parent when destroyed
DeployDelay added to weapons
Radiation off by default
HQMetal drops in loot containers and barrels
Fixed exploits that would allow people to enter rocks and build inside of them
Improved performance of building batching
Fixed various minor issues with player movement
Fixed that crate respawning could stop when it threw an exception on the server
Fixed foundation step terrain check being off
Fixed weapon deploy corruption that could make the current viewmodel invisible
Fixed depth testing and sorting of the torch world model material
Added leather resource type
Made the interaction point stay at the center of the screen when looking around
Added sphere and capsule deploy volume checks (used by furnace and campfire)
Added support for multiple deploy volumes on a single object to better approximate its shape
Fixed that the server would not apply monument and radtown randomizations
Fixed material of the small bridge (which btw only exists on rivers now)
Added command history to F1 console (navigate with up and down arrows)
Fixed possible overflows of the F1 console text buffer
Fixed construction plan using the wrong body weights
Fixed a bunch of warnings all over the code base
Fixed test cave on CraggyIsland
Added exploit test rocks to CraggyIsland

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