Devblog 82 Changelog

Rivers match ocean
Fogged rivers and lakes
Fixed phantom playermodels
Added SaveList diagnostics to dump command
Fixed NRE when using give commands
Fixed EAC errors
Added in game bug reporter (F7)
Added grass.displace (1|0)
Fixed pool sometimes not setting recycled pointer to null
Reduced the likelyhood of being kicked by VAC timeouts
Improved SQLite performance
Fixed doors not shutting clientside on first use
Improved AI performance, allocations
Added network cache (better server performance)
Added bullet ricochet sounds
Added small stash dig sound
New construction sounds
Added building upgrade sounds
Added large wood gate sounds
New melee cloth impact sounds
New melee grass impact sounds
Salvaged icepick deploy sound polish pass
Super distant gunshot sound polish pass
Rock sound doesn’t sound as much like a landslide 
New survey charge sounds
Console text only refreshes if the console is visible
Console receives messages that have been logged before it has been opened
Ambient sounds load in a background thread
Fixed random “Look rotation viewing vector is zero” warnings
Fixed DDraw shader (old one was deprecated in Unity 5.2)
Fixed foundation pickaxe exploit
Fixed rocket and grenade damage against structures
LOD grid no longer logs errors when objects move their cell
Switched building colliders to the new, more accurate collision system
Added prefab preprocessing step to loading screen (prefabwarmup 1|0)
Fixed mining quarry / pump jack sounds not turning off properly
Fixed mining quarry / pump jack sound pitch modifiers not being applied
Fixed radiation overlay never stopping its most recent sound
Fixed barricade / spikes / compound wall damage trigger effects
Fixed barricade placement on terrain being a pain in the ass
Fixed lantern sound errors
Fixed lantern spawning in the lit state
Fixed various sound issues when using prefab pooling
Fixed various sound issues related to voice limiting
Fixed grass hovering slightly above ground
Fixed forest grass texture stretching
Fixed supply signal effect instantiation errors
Fixed sound template serialization errors
Fixed various inaccurate building deploy volumes
Fixed building part rotation exploits
Fixed foundation cupboard exploits
Fixed server side batched colliders not refreshing after building part rotation
Fixed client not updating building block grades / protection properties locally
Fixed various building stability weirdnesses
Fixed furnace light shadows not fading out
Fixed potential NREs in server RPCs
Fixed trees being impossible to gather from if not standing at their base
Fixed certain situations that could spawn incorrect decals / particles
Enabled server side collider batching by default
Switched server side line of sight / distance checks to the entity API
Added mesh batching to pumpjack and quarry
Added diagnostics to server spawn handler report
Added socket mod names to the socket placement fail messages
Added test radiation zone to CraggyIsland
Fixed server DDOS by creating RPC errors
Fixed stability not always updating when placing new blocks
Added seasonal lanterns
Updated EAC
Invalidate network cache properly when looting ccommand does a clean save (skips caching)
Server shutdown saves skip caching
Moved F2 options menu to main menu
Added shadow settings to options menu
Fixed UI disappearing after pressing F4 or F9 intergration

Hello everyone,

I’ve noticed a steady flow of traffic for some time now, and I wanted to go ahead and put some tools together to make rustz a more functional website. First off is uniform SSL/TLS. Yay!

Second is you can now sign up through the following link for subscriber access:

Depending on how you applied, A rustz administrator will need approve access to our forums manually after you sign up. If you are “cold applying”, you might go through a bit more scrutiny before you are given forum access.

In order to avoid a cold application, simply join the steam community, and contact one of the administrators online through the community. Maybe you could even our join our Teamspeak.

Finally, the link to our forum is located on the sidebar, or on this convenient link:

Play safe.

Update 80

Added server side collider batching to work around the Unity collider limit
Roof blocks are cheaper
Roof blocks are tougher
Fixed some effects not being recycled
Fixed ragdolls not inheriting effects (blood disappear on death)
Fixed effects dying when target object was removed
Fixed arrows being almost impossible to fire through window bars
Fixed cliffs never switching to lower LODs
NPCs die of starvation more
Completely reworked entity visibility queries, fixing various issues along the way
Server time warnings show whether it was caused by a garbage collection
Server console show garbage collection count
Added prefab pooling to effects, decals, dynamic decor, building blocks and sounds
Added pooling support to all LOD components
Optimized dynamic memory allocations when refreshing grass meshes
Objects created by the protobuffer system use a pool
Protobuffers write directly to the network stream, instead of creating a byte[]
Fixed being able to loot a corpse from far away
Increased calorie consumption
Rocket Launcher - Fixed snapping when going to ironsight, added dryfire sounds 
Hammer - smoothed out anim speeds 
Made bow viewable, fixed popping on idle loop, improved transition when cancelling shot
SMG - dryfire fix 
Salvaged sword - fixed snapping on hit reactions
Bean can & f1 grenades - Added hold state & anim while aiming
Fixed query throttle not working
Sound volumes use a scale that is closer to how humans hear
Set up third person reload sounds again
Toned down wounded heartbeat sound
Gunshots and explosions duck other sounds slightly
Rocket flight is audible from farther away
First pass at silenced gunshots
New thunder sounds
New door impact sounds
New tree impact sounds
Bush rustle sound tweaks
Calmed reverb tail wander on gunshots and explosions down a touch
Sound templates are pooled
Arrows, spears and sign world models gibs
Auto saves are every 10 minutes instead of every 5
Developer 1 only works if you're a developer/admin
Updated EAC
Errors/Exceptions are highlighted red in the server console
Errors/Exceptions on server log the stacktrace too
Improved gib performance
Impact effects now get the exact terrain material at impact (sand, dirt, …)
Added correct AI obstacle shapes to building pieces
Fireballs use better sound balancing (client side performance)
Run the garbage collector in the loading screen (join, respawn)
Added deploy volume that uses the newly added unified entity OBB
Clamp AF between 1 and 16 (fixes silent errors)
Fixed crash in status console command
Fixed building stability issues caused by collider batching
Fixed entity collision event not resolving batched colliders
Fixed water level test for entities with zero bounds
Fixed terrain alpha cutoff range being too far away
Updated CraggyIsland (dev test map)

Update 78

Upgraded to Unity 5.2.0
Fixed various mid-gameplay stuttering issues (some improvements require 64bit)
Updated how we define ironsights to be more accurate
Can wear hats with bandanas
Added holosight weapon mod
Unified viewmodel FOVs
Can drop weapon attachments on weapons to equip
Weapon slots shown on icon
Weapon attachment sounds when attaching
Fixed allowed to put any item inside weapon slots
Fixed signs sometimes having no image
Weapon attachments now lose condition
Admin give commands can take a partial item name
Fixed weapon attachments disappearing after walking a long way
Fixed NRE disconnect in NetworkDestroy
Fixed a condition where the player could get stuck in a wounded state
Added admin.mutevoice 
Added admin.unmutevoice 
Added admin.mutechat 
Added admin.unmutechat 
Fixed arrow disappearing in bow viewmodel
Fixed pumpkin falling through world
Show last death info on server join (if there is one)
Fixed death screen sometimes not showing
Added indexes to databases
Fixed menu music playing over loading music
Added global.streamermode <0|1>
Improved screen overlay shaders (normal mapping, dynamic lighting)
Improved deferred decal system (ambient light, reflection probes, emission maps)
Improved non-authoritative client side projectile prediction
Fixed projectile tracers ending one frame too early
Added flags for client side effects and attacks to projectiles
Disabled small furnace smoke because it looked weird
Added memory usage/garbage collections to perf 2/3
Made building LOD switches more accurate
Increased the LOD and batching grid size (faster LOD refreshes, less draw calls)
Fixed certain far objects being temporarily invisible between spawning and batching
Optimized UI event system (saves 1-2ms per frame)
Fixed airdrops being allowed to drop on powerlines
Wood type gate ingame
Improved external wall stone visuals/barbwire on top deals damage
You can do "spectate @" to spectate non player entities
Fixed beartrap looking unarmed when it was armed
Fixed opening chat when typing in the console
Fixed holdtype could be wrong on initial encounters

Update 76

New SavasIsland_koth no-build map
Hapis Island finally spawns barrels again
Improved large furnace VFX
Improved small furnace VFX
Added frosty breath when temperature drops
Lowered field rocks
Reduced waterside rock scale
Tweaked per-biome forest shape, size and frequency
Cliffside topology (to be used for new object spawns)
Support for empty topologies (relevant for custom maps)
Wood barricades can be penetrated by certain rifle bullets and shotgun slugs
Twig building parts can be penetrated by all bullet types
Increased health of twig building parts from 5 to 10
Reduced the penetration power of arrows and throwables
Improved sky reflections
Smoothed server/client time sync
Censor shader no longer falls back to a black rectangle on low shader LODs
Server events like the airdrop are no longer always triggered after a server restart
Added weapon attachment: Silencer
Fixed muzzle flash positions on some weapons
Fixed worldmodel collisions for some dropped weapons
Spectating first person now views through target's eyes
Pressing F4 will take a screenshot with and without the HUD
Pressing F9 will take a screenshot 5x your resolution (buggy as hell tho)
Fixed player eye brightness
Raid camera automatically hides the HUD and has smoothing
Tweaked viewmodel aiming to reduce jitter at lower framerates
Fixed dropping blueprint on item sometimes combining/stacking them