UPDATE: If you ask the ask the admin nicely, they might do you this favor while the player count is low.

Got a e-mail today. Be warned there is nothing we can do in these situations.

Hell it is I, REDACTED,

I built a house and put a key lock on the door and everything was fine
until I messed up placing a roof block and attempted to destroy it. Unaware that hitting your own blocks kills you I died and lost all of my belongings including the key for my door. I would greatly appreciate help by, deleting the roof block that was misplaced/deleting the door with the lost key.

Thank you very much!

4 thoughts on “Tales from rust PVE

  1. Albert Stichka

    Can you do anything about players trying to pvp through other means than weapons? I’m on that same server and someone has dedicated their efforts to trolling.

  2. NerdyGuyRanting

    There is a way to fix that, but it is not pretty: Land mines.
    I messed up when, I also missplaced a piece of roof (triangle where it was supposed be a square).
    We solved it by placing land mines on the roof and walking on them, it kills you if you are not armored to the teeth, but it gets rid of the roof all right.


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