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The new update is here – some great rumors floating around too about upcoming content. I am so excited. ^_^


  • Improved projectile tracing performance.
  • Added a deferred decal system.
  • Fixed disappearing vegetation on savegame load.
  • Made tree colliders more accurate.
  • Added some more information to the spawn handler section of the admin server report.
  • Fixed construction and deployable placement in caves and on terrain blended rocks.
  • Fixed a number of exploits that would allow players to get inside rocks.
  • Building blocks no longer ignore collisions right after placement.
  • Fixed research table and tool cupboard placement guides being off.
  • Fixed light bleeding through terrain on the base of shadowed rocks in the distance.
  • Fixed light going through furnace walls for a second when walking by.
  • Fixed torch still getting lowered into the line of sight if lighting it while already running.
  • Fixed incorrect time zone offset of the ingame world.
  • Fixed barricade LOD changes being somewhat flaky.
  • Fixed arid biome rock terrain texture being way too dark.
  • Fixed various situations that could incorrectly trigger noclip kicks.
  • TerrainPath now keeps a list of all spawned monuments.
  • Added test cave to CraggyIsland.
  • Stone spear ingredients instead of wood spear
  • Lowered cost of icepick
  • Added machete
  • Added sword
  • None club does more damage
  • Bone knife cheaper (cloth)
  • Fixed bug with wickspark showing up as a white cube at distance, increased HDR value
  • Survey charges less likely to slide down hills
  • Updated survey charge visuals
  • Updated survey charge icon
  • Can throw survey charge farther
  • Landmine only activates after you walk off it
  • Triggered landmine can be disabled & picked upby someone other than who triggered
  • Landmines and snap traps appear in supply drops
  • Landmine stack increased to 5