State of the server #4 (Edited for clarity)

Hello all you patient hats – we got our new machine! We will be moving the PVP server over tomorrow morning.

Due to the confusing nature of something like this. The timeline will be as follows:

  1. Old server will be brought down and items will be migrated to new machine.
  2. Server will be brought up on a new IP (net.connect and all your buildings, blueprints, and sanity will be transferred over to it (It’s up right now so feel free to bookmark it).
  3. Old server will be brought back up with a MOVED message, and a wipe. I’m expecting to remove the old server after a few weeks.

We will be performing this migration early tomorrow morning (2/26) while the playercount is lower.

In the meantime we’ve already launched a PVE Carebear/no sleepers/no mods server with 200 slots over at:

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