State of the Server 2021

Rust has seen some explosive growth, especially since the OTV streamer server was created. We’ve seen a lot of new players using Rustz, and are excited for any potential growth to Rustz player counts.

We recently enabled Rust+ on the server. There have been occasinal crashes, but I think I’ve narrowed it down.

Please remember some fundamental things about Rustz if you choose it as your home:

You can be banned for offline raiding
This doesn’t mean it’s not allowed. If you’re wanting to offline raid, please fill out this form first:

It is required for us to track this. Right now this list is simply created to have some accountability, so if you’re coming up with poor reasons to offline raid people, and you’ve done so consistently, you will need to discuss this with an admin, pending a ban if the behavior isn’t correctable. I understand that offline raiding is a big part of Rust, but I do not want it to be a big part of Rustz. Online raiding is permitted, but I also encourage you to fill out the form before doing so in the event someone claims you offline raided them. If you fill out the form, it’s very likely we will hop on to record, and monitor your online raid.

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