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  1. CasualSeal

    Out for the night? Getting cold, hungry and worried about it being too dark to see? But wait…off in the distance, set directly on the road…Its a shack! Oh…but it has a door and it’s locked.

    Worry no more. If its a shack on the road, chances are its one of many safeway houses left by CasualSeal, The Warrior of Sunlight! If the door lock is 6666, then you’ve reached a Safeway House. Inside you will find a workbench, a campfire and even sometimes a box full of goodies like Leather Armor, Food and Blueprints to help you on your journey. Wait out the night feeling safe.

    Try to keep a moral viewpoint on this guys. I put them there for myself and others who dont like traveling in the deep dark night (For the night is dark, and full of terrors). If you don’t need the things in the box, then don’t take them please. Also realize that since I just gave out the door key to all of them, bandits may wait and camp the shacks to kill nakeds or anyone who stays. I take no responsibility for the morals of people on this server. Have fun guys.

    – Solaire


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