RustZ Server Manifest

You can connect to our servers by going to your console (F1 is the default), and typing in the connect line shown below:


General info:
You can find the map here:
Map 4250 / 2067007481 –

Battlemetrics here: – BattleMetrics

Server wipes will not occur unless it is prompted by an update (Usually on the first Thursday of every month). This example follows the release cycle commonly used by the official rust servers.

5 thoughts on “RustZ Server Manifest

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  2. Zaedyn

    Hey, I started playing, built 3 foundations, but couldn’t place them? It broke whenever I had placed them in the green. Nobody in chat responded to me when I asked why this was happening.
    What is the problem?

    1. Kevin Post author

      Sounds like the foundation bug currently plaguing all servers. Hopefully an update will be out this week.


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