The Verdict:

Rust: Not Your Typical Survival Game

Initially made to be a similar GAME to DayZ, Rust has since then evolved into a completely different game to become one of the most popular survival games out there. But even though it is quite known among survival game fanatics, what does it have to offer that separates it from the big dogs such as minecraft and 7 days to die? Let’s find out:

First off, much like any survival game, the player finds him/herself all alone in a random area on the map, with no equipment on them except for a rock and a torch, which the player must put to good use by chopping trees, crafting equipment, gathering materials, eating food and basically surviving in the harsh world filled with bears and wolves that act as predators, or become the prey if you have survived for a long time. This separates it from a lot of survival games as they mostly include something non-realistic such as zombies or dinosaurs. Whether or not this is a good trait is purely subjective.

Secondly, since the game is multiplayer-only, you will most probably join a server with a lot of people having mods and hacks that make them overpowered. And since the prefered gamemode is PVP, you can pretty much expect to get attacked all the time. There is a workaround to getting single player by making your own server and kicking if anyone joins, but we still would have preferred if there was a single-player mode to begin with.


  1. Unique Gameplay
  2. Decent Graphics
  3. Has a small but working collection of mods


  1. Game is Multiplayer-only
  2. Lots of servers have people using hacks and game-breaking mods.

The Verdict:
In the end, there’s no denying that Rust has its fair share of negatives, but then again, which game doesn’t? It’s because of the exciting content, a good replayability factor, decent graphics (people who hated minecraft’s 8-bit graphics for some reason will love this), and of course, the realistic survivalist elements that we’d recommend Rust to anyone who knows a thing or two about hosting servers, and a good knowledge on how survival games work.

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You can take care in our PVE servers if you’d like as well. This can be especially helpful when wanting to learn to fight the helicopter, or just gameplay mechanics.

Rust in piece.

Update 108

New eat/drink sounds
New flamethrower sounds
Fixed gradual ambience performance degradation bug
Fixed coroutine leak in entity particle emission
Optimized building block despawns some more
Fixed another performance issue when looking at players
Fixed tree culling performance issue caused by wind
Optimized UI variable display code
Adjusted grass LODing (less upscaling on lower LODs)
Updated player preview idle
Added wave displacement to water quality level 1
Limited shadow distance to 50 when shadow cascades are disabled
Icesheet prefabs use LOD grid
Fixed horizon sky / water blending
Improved aerial perspective density computation
Added shadowmode convar to adjust sun shadow casting
Sun shadows disable completely when shadow distance is set to 0
Added additional procgen benchmarks
Procgen benchmarks reset GC, LODs, grass, decor and tasks before every run
Stripped legacy fog modes from shader compilation and scenes
Fixed that the door animation was stopped one frame too early
Fixed regression that sometimes skipped entity linking when building
Fixed entities not sending slot updates when server side changes are made
Made perf convar display async task queue when set to 6
Server restart command calls quit command after the timer reaches 0
Fixed missing ignite and extinguish icons on small furnace
Slightly higher starting calories
Fixed flames doing less damage to objects when sitting on stone/metal
Map cost reduced to 1 paper
Fixed water barrels not blocking building
Fixed water bucket having drink as default option (impossible to deselect)
Fixed being able to transfer water into an unheld bucket

Rust Update 107

Added benchmarks
Added projectile refraction when penetrating objects
Added player self interaction menu (currently only used for drinking)
Improved the performance of player and sleeper streaming from the server
Fixed huge performance drops when looking at or nearby players in certain situations
Fixed deployment of boxes on shelves being annoying
Fixed certain deployables being placeable at unrealistic angles
Fixed a rare issue that could make code locks float when opening or closing doors
Fixed being able to loot through tiny slits between building block colliders
Fixed an issue that could make client side colliders have slightly incorrect positions
Fixed an issue that could make two C4s stick to each other and get stuck in the air
Fixed inconsistent bone scales between the player preview model and the player model
Fixed an issue where chat messages could overflow and use tons of memory
Chat message UI objects are now pooled (less garbage collection)
Fixed glitch causing glow on monument decals in OpenGL
Fixed sun flicker pattern on the horizon in OpenGL
Max Hydration halved
Max Calories halved
Bleeding damage quartered
Bota Bag can be filled from the world
Bota Bag cost reduction
Water does not provide health above 40hp
Moving around uses lots more calories/water
No sprinting when fully dehydrated
Increased storage capacity of Bucket/Barrel
Added Salt Water
Can drink from any body of water by looking at it and pressing E
Flamethrower finds ammo if put on belt

Update 106

Optimized entity streaming performance
Optimized performance of entity parenting (especially door locks)
Optimized runtime performance in PVT and water related scripts
Optimized ambience system (especially in densely vegetated areas)
Optimized rock performance on d3d11 (disabled far terrain splats in blending)
Fixed light clone shadow unsupported format error
Fixed low quality skin shader level-of-detail
Fixed water frame delay causing black edges when rotating camera
Fixed variable luminance in player model preview on Hapis
Fixed terrain shader issues on some drivers
Fixed parallax (q=1) on blended rocks placed on steep hills
Added eyebrows
Tree and mesh qualities in options menu now go up to 200
Added directional scattering occlusion (more realistic fog lighting)
Added new fog density computation for better terrain fogging
Fixed a number of scattering related cloud issues
Fixed that it could sometimes rain without any clouds
Fixed that extreme fog wouldn’t hide the clouds
Added frame time when perf convar is set to 5
Driftwood no longer spawns on rocks
Fixed items being unlootable when rolling inside certain clutter objects
Added Flamethrower
Added Water Bucket
Added Water Barrel

Update 105

Grass is rougher
Grass uses physically based shading
Added new player models
Added 30 minute idle kick if server is full
Fixed ragdoll stretching
Fixed player model being visible for 1 frame when ragdoll becomes visible
Ragdolls legs don't bend backwards anymore
Fixed local player sometimes holding multiple weapons
Fixed double deploy warning
Added specnet convar (for admins)
Fixed weapon firing etc when map is open
Fixed disappearing holosight
Switched back to post/overlay-based ambient occlusion
Improved reflection occlusion
Made reflection probes less dark
Fixed viewmodel shadow shader errors in legacy OpenGL/Linux
Faster water simulation
Thirdperson camera doesn't go through stuff
Thirdperson camera rotates with the target
Thirdperson camera mouse wheel zoom
Fixed bug where looking down above water could clip and show ocean floor
Added soft-particle fade to highest quality version of rainfall
Signs can be edited by the locker
Signs can be unlocked by the locker
Signs can always be unlocked/edited by admins
Train carriages and sedan vehicles updated in dungeons
Fixed pumpjack body disappearing in the distance
Player models blink
Player model eyes move
Fixed rockets only dealing half their damage to building parts
Fixed overly bright footprints and bullet decals on sand
Can enter codelock codes with keyboard
Codelock dialog doesn't show entered code (shows ****)
Fixed slight differences in projectile behaviour with varying frame rate
Fixed anti hack failing to detect players clipping into river rocks
Fixed rocks sometimes disappearing before buildings and players
Hemp plants and ore nodes are bigger and easier to spot
Ore nodes now always spawn around other rock formations
Tweaked the scale of bushes and small trees
Procedural Map: New forests
Procedural Map: New terrain texturing algorithm
Procedural Map: Better cliff mesh placement and more variety
Procedural Map: New clutter vegetation and rocks
Procedural Map: More natural looking beach terrain
Procedural Map: Better river generation
Procedural Map: Road width varies slightly
Procedural Map: Fixed rivers occasionally failing to be detected as water
Procedural Map: Optimized road and river vertex count
Procedural Map: Fixed occasionally visible hard edges on roads and rivers
Procedural Map: Mountains let other objects spawn around their lower parts
Procedural Map: Fixed midair rocks around river mouths
Procedural Map: Better rock cluster vegetation
Procedural Map: Fixed terrain lighting artifacts around certain rock formations
Added the new clutter vegetation and rocks to all handmade maps
Grenades are much snappier and predictable
Beancan grenades are more reliable
Fixed shelves being able to be placed inside eachother
Fix for being able to freelook while aiming
Item attachments are refunded when a weapon is used for crafting (sentry)
Ceiling light placement/floating bugfixes
Fixed metal facemask protecting too much
Lowered other helmet protection
Syringe heals 15 instantly and 20 over time
Increased emission of ceiling lights

Update 104

Hapis Island bugfixes.
Hapis Island tint scheme synched with procmap.
Clients are kicked on exceptions
Fixed not being able to select/deselect the chat bar
Injure command is admin only
Reduced wounded immortality time
Fixed missing vegetation in DX9
Fixed view full story on main menu news items not working
New and improved melee combat hit detection
Ping is shown when convar perf is 4
Added ping concommand (prints ping)
New and more reliable building weak side system
Convar perf is saved
Fixed an issue where servers would flood clients during stability refreshes
Fixed an exploit related to hopping between networking groups
Fixed various light source LODing issues
Added spotlight support to light source LODing
Lantern visual improvements
Lantern placable on other deployables
Campfire collider size reduced
Fixed some items costing too many BP frags to research
Added ceiling swinglight
Many armor balance changes
Syringe insta-heal nerfed to 5, HoT increased to 30
Armor now absorbs damage and lowers its condition until broken
Brought back the small powerlines next to roads

Changelog 103

Added more inventory UI sounds
Right clicking clothes in inventory tries to wear them
Fixed syringe having to be redeployed if using multiple times (modded servers)
Reduced craft time of wooden, barbed and metal barricades
Clamped client.lookatradius (exploit fix)
Fixed exceptions when saving on linux (mono bug)
Fixed locking input if trying to open chat with chat disabled
Armour can lose condition when shot/attacked
Armour can break
Armour protection is relative to condition
Added jerry can worldmodel for crude oil
Eating cans of food produces empty cans (smeltable in campfire)

99.1 Changelog

Fixed fuel not being refunded when overspill when dropping on items
Now force disconnects from server when trying to join another from UI
Lock inherits door options
Default option on lock is to open/close the door it is attached to
Fixed ragdoll head stretching
Linux dedicated server creates log files properly
Rcon responses aren't printed to the console/log files
Added admin.bans (returns json list of bans)
console.log, respond with json
Asserts show up red in the server console, have a log file
Updated to Unity 5.3.3p1
Added Impact sounds for chain link fence building parts
Overflowed large furnaces shoot items out of the chimney
Tweaked volume of bush/tree ambient sounds
Fixed building privilege sometimes staying after death/server restart
Added item specific pickup/drop inventory ui sounds
Conditional colliders once again update on server restart
Dungeon art and design update
Reduced default map size to 3000 (from 4000)
Improved procedurally generated rock clusters
Tweaked road and powerline generation
Fixed floaty arid / beach trees
Fixed rocks sometimes spawning on warehouse
Fixed rivers sometimes intersecting warehouse
Fixed occasional sawtooth terrain glitch around monuments
Fixed rivers sometimes starting at insane slopes
Fixed a number of rock formation prefab issues
Fixed missing icebergs
Fixed small static rocks occasionally spawning midair
Updated HapisIsland