Update 96


Added sounds for all the new building parts
Fixed cupboard gib errors
Item icons + data now build to the right folder
Removed cui.test
Network backend optimizations
New floor frames (grill and hatch)
Fixed water rendering error when screen size is reported as zero
Fixed warehouse floor decal
Reduced video memory overhead by 144 MB
All collectables now use the load balanced LOD system
Updated some remaining physics calls to the new Unity physics API
Removed a worst-case second raycast in the game trace code
Fixed foundation stair placement being blocked next to triangle foundations
Fixed triangle foundation placement being blocked beneath floors
Added building stability serialization (faster server restarts and stability refreshes)
Fixed potential signage NRE when server database was deleted
Tweaked distribution of rocks and bushes

Changelog 95


Dungeons LODs and lower batches improvements
Rocks LOD distance optimizations
New wall frames and wall frame blocks
Fixed bug reporter errors
Spectating admins are no longer networked
Enabled low vertex compression on all models
Fixed bind so that the second argument no longer needs quotes
Updated steamworks to fix a problem with win32
Updated to Unity 5.3.2.p1
Fixed occasional single frame UI text corruption
Fixed some UI elements being out of line
Pumpkin plants live a max 7 seasons
Pumpkin plants live a max 3 harvests
Optimized pumpkin plant LODs more aggressively
RCon is started immediately on server startup
Item icons and info are now dumped into Bundles/items/
Fixed some LookingAt inaccuracy issues
RPC Cache memory optimizations
Network + Save cache memory optimizations
Made player movement more direct by removing horizontal camera smoothing
Server collider batches split when their vertex count gets too high
Added refresh_renderers console command (refreshes client renderer batches)
Added refresh_colliders console command (refreshes server collider batches)
Added various batching convars to customize client and server mesh batching
Added mesh batching to static quarry and pumpjack
Fixed missing or incorrect animal footsteps on a number of surface types
Fixed raid tower exploit using shelves
Fixed sleeping bag deployable and foundation exploits
Improved laser and flashlight beam
Fixed transparent surface and particle atmospheric scattering
Fixed ambient lighting for particles and low quality speedtree fallbacks
Added scope
Fixed being able to put codelock on airdrops
Made flashlight beam invisible when looking dead at it
Flashlight beam has shadow texture
Narrowed flashlight beam in 1p/3p to 45 degrees

RIP report

I’m trying to follow up on this to document how players where able to compromise this base. PVE players beware – you’re not always 100% protected from clever griefers.

— I logged out of the PVE server this evening and all was fine. Went over to the PVP server to start building. Came back at about 1:30AM CST and someone has somehow broken in, emptied all our chests, and locked us in our own vault. They placed new doors with code locks to lock us in. Earlier this week griefers had started placing griefer huts around our perimeter. Just guessing this is the same people?

Update 94 changelog


Doors open and close 2x faster
Sentry uses new AK47 model
LookingAt entity uses sphere cast
Fixed RCon banning legit connections for 60 seconds
New rain effects
Can throw melee weapons while running
Added "ent kill" admin command
Fixed seeing through walls by resizing window to be long and thin
Animal animations are smoother
Material specific impact sounds for some weapons
Better tree impact sounds
New plant picking sounds
New semi-auto rifle sounds
Better foliage rustle sounds
Tree/bush leaf wind sounds audible from a shorter distance
Lots of small sound tweaks
Fixed water reflections on OSX
Fixed skin shader on OSX and Linux
Fixed pink sky on Linux
Fixed new SSAO frame lag
Fixed new SSAO induced wall seethrough
Improved water reflection performance
Added sphere entity for modders (assets/prefabs/visualization/sphere.prefab)
Added entity spawn console command (entity.create)
Physics queries are no longer allocating memory
Batched building meshes refresh when building parts are rotated
Roofs can no longer be placed facing downwards
Reduced max placement distance of roofs
Signs can no longer be placed on players
Added flashlight weapon mod
Added lasersight weapon mod
Attachment costs reduced
Added lighttoggle key
Semi-auto rifle recoil more snappy
Eoka ladder exploit fixed

Update 93 changelog


Updated crash reporting
Announce to other players when admins give items
Fixed missing texture on key lock
Fixed rock smash particles colliding with player collider
Fixed invisible collectibles (rock, wood etc)
Fixed being able to use blueprint as ammo
Large water catcher is researchable
Don't receive voice chat when dead
Can now use steam connect protocol
Moved debug keys to console commands
Added new model for holosight
Added new model for silencer
Dungeons: railroad and roads art added
Dungeons: fixed missing pipes collision
Dungeons: fixed missing concrete wall collision (military tunnels)
Better mesh batching for improved client performance
Fixed bed exploit to get inside rocks
Fixed bed placement issues
Made white skinned players more apparent
Tweaked how server list is refreshed to avoid overload
Fixed exploit using disconnect during loading screen
Added Semi-Automatic Rifle


Remember to hide your body before you log out.

[1/8/2016 9:04:25 AM] REDACTED A: what the ****?

[1/8/2016 9:04:28 AM] REDACTED A: i log off

[1/8/2016 9:04:30 AM] REDACTED B: ?

[1/8/2016 9:04:33 AM] REDACTED A: and then come back on dead

[1/8/2016 9:04:50 AM] REDACTED B: where were you

[1/8/2016 9:05:18 AM] REDACTED A: does it matter? when i log off, i dont expect to be standing still somewhere vulnerable. that’s

[1/8/2016 9:05:23 AM] REDACTED A: stupid **** design

[1/8/2016 9:05:26 AM] REDACTED B: well

[1/8/2016 9:05:28 AM] REDACTED A: i expect to be removed

[1/8/2016 9:05:30 AM] REDACTED B: it’s how the game works

[1/8/2016 9:05:33 AM] REDACTED A: well

[1/8/2016 9:05:35 AM] REDACTED A: **** that, im out

Tales from rust PVE

Got a e-mail today. Be warned there is nothing we can do in these situations.

Hell it is I, REDACTED,

I built a house and put a key lock on the door and everything was fine
until I messed up placing a roof block and attempted to destroy it. Unaware that hitting your own blocks kills you I died and lost all of my belongings including the key for my door. I would greatly appreciate help by, deleting the roof block that was misplaced/deleting the door with the lost key.

Thank you very much!

Fresh map

There where a lot of problems with the map size being 8000. The size 8000 maps would suffer from things like invisible trees, “2D” trees, ridiculous CPU and RAM utilization, problems walking up/down sharp elevation changes, and a general feeling of really being lost due to the massive size of a 8000 size map. That being said – I’ve adjusted the size. Now the performance gains clientside are much more fluid, and noticeable.