Very informational video on research system releasing today | New weekly wipe server launching

UPDATE: The experience system was scraped in favor of components.

This post is no longer relevant, but will remain for archival purposes.

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As soon as this update goes live, I’m also creating a weekly wipe server @



State of the server #4 has celebrated over 3 years of existence as a quality server for both Lone Wolfs™ and groups alike to begin, or sustain their Rust experience.

As of today, on the 7th of July 2016, Rust features a major change called the XP system.

Rustz will continue to strive to be the #1 server server worldwide. Check this video out for more information.

Rust in peace.

RIP report

I’m trying to follow up on this to document how players where able to compromise this base. PVE players beware – you’re not always 100% protected from clever griefers.

— I logged out of the PVE server this evening and all was fine. Went over to the PVP server to start building. Came back at about 1:30AM CST and someone has somehow broken in, emptied all our chests, and locked us in our own vault. They placed new doors with code locks to lock us in. Earlier this week griefers had started placing griefer huts around our perimeter. Just guessing this is the same people?