Update 71

Now to replace all animals with goats until they fix the animals.

Much needed server performance improvements
Added stone external wall
Added wood external wall
Fixed player headbox
Fixed player holdtype not updating
Fixed player inventory not always being networked to other players properly
Fixed player eyes sticking out when dead
Added utf8 mode to rcon (send message id 5 to turn it on)
Added workshop
Fixed dragging clothes onto item in inventory making item dissapear
Fixed closing console executing command
Can't voice chat when dead or sleeping
Always get at least one seed from corn/pumpkin
Metal footstep sounds
Misc sound cleanup and polish
Spear range increased
Spear attack radius decreased significantly
Spear attack repeat delay increased
Serverside melee check maxdistance reduced
Oil/HQMetal less common
Oil more common in desert
HQMetal more common in Artic/tundra
Being downed twice in 60 second results in death instead of another wounding phase
Stuck explosives fall off their parent when destroyed
DeployDelay added to weapons
Radiation off by default
HQMetal drops in loot containers and barrels
Fixed exploits that would allow people to enter rocks and build inside of them
Improved performance of building batching
Fixed various minor issues with player movement
Fixed that crate respawning could stop when it threw an exception on the server
Fixed foundation step terrain check being off
Fixed weapon deploy corruption that could make the current viewmodel invisible
Fixed depth testing and sorting of the torch world model material
Added leather resource type
Made the interaction point stay at the center of the screen when looking around
Added sphere and capsule deploy volume checks (used by furnace and campfire)
Added support for multiple deploy volumes on a single object to better approximate its shape
Fixed that the server would not apply monument and radtown randomizations
Fixed material of the small bridge (which btw only exists on rivers now)
Added command history to F1 console (navigate with up and down arrows)
Fixed possible overflows of the F1 console text buffer
Fixed construction plan using the wrong body weights
Fixed a bunch of warnings all over the code base
Fixed test cave on CraggyIsland
Added exploit test rocks to CraggyIsland

Update 70

Massive update this week. :)


Added pump jack
Most firearms take High Quality Metal instead of Metal Fragments now.
Armored Tier requires High Quality Metal
Metal Facemask & Metal Chestpiece require High Quality metal
You can get High Quality metal from smelting High Quality Metal Ore
You can pretty much only get High Quality Metal Ore from a mining quarry
Added Large Furnace
Added Crossbow
Nerfed Spear
Added Mace
Added Cleaver
Added Longsword
Added extra checks to prevent looting through walls
Added measures to nerf hip shooting accuracy
Added More Clothes
New Clothes Shader
New Skin Shader
Fixed client regularly sending invalid steam inventories to server
Fixed clothing not always updating on the player model in the inventory
Fixed harvested food not dissapearing straight away
Players aren't allowed in a server if they're using family share and the owner is banned
Inventory menu shows clothes protection properties
Head view direction is now networked to other clients
Added trackir.refresh and trackir.recenter console commands
TrackIR now automatically refreshes when opening the F2 menu
Added support for the third TrackIR head rotation axis
Allowed for more head rotation freedom when looking around
Ambient sounds are now synchronized on all clients
Reduced overall rain probability by a third
Rain in tundra and arid biomes tends to be slightly more intense
Added rain to the arid biome (less intense than the rain in other biomes)
Fixed barrels in radtowns sometimes being spawned underground
Fixed errors related to radtown loot spawns during server load
Fixed error spam if graphics.shadowlights was less than 0
Added shadow light count slider to F2 menu (specifies the number of lights, in addition to the sun, that cast shadows - greatly impacts performance)
Made player movement climbing state slightly less forgiving
Fixed a bug that could prevent players climbing a ladder from triggering the ladder animation state
Fixed airfield hangars and warehouse floating above ground
Fixed beachside trees being allowed to spawn on cliffs (trees that are loaded from the savegame can still be on cliffs until the next wip


The new update is here – some great rumors floating around too about upcoming content. I am so excited. ^_^


  • Improved projectile tracing performance.
  • Added a deferred decal system.
  • Fixed disappearing vegetation on savegame load.
  • Made tree colliders more accurate.
  • Added some more information to the spawn handler section of the admin server report.
  • Fixed construction and deployable placement in caves and on terrain blended rocks.
  • Fixed a number of exploits that would allow players to get inside rocks.
  • Building blocks no longer ignore collisions right after placement.
  • Fixed research table and tool cupboard placement guides being off.
  • Fixed light bleeding through terrain on the base of shadowed rocks in the distance.
  • Fixed light going through furnace walls for a second when walking by.
  • Fixed torch still getting lowered into the line of sight if lighting it while already running.
  • Fixed incorrect time zone offset of the ingame world.
  • Fixed barricade LOD changes being somewhat flaky.
  • Fixed arid biome rock terrain texture being way too dark.
  • Fixed various situations that could incorrectly trigger noclip kicks.
  • TerrainPath now keeps a list of all spawned monuments.
  • Added test cave to CraggyIsland.
  • Stone spear ingredients instead of wood spear
  • Lowered cost of icepick
  • Added machete
  • Added sword
  • None club does more damage
  • Bone knife cheaper (cloth)
  • Fixed bug with wickspark showing up as a white cube at distance, increased HDR value
  • Survey charges less likely to slide down hills
  • Updated survey charge visuals
  • Updated survey charge icon
  • Can throw survey charge farther
  • Landmine only activates after you walk off it
  • Triggered landmine can be disabled & picked upby someone other than who triggered
  • Landmines and snap traps appear in supply drops
  • Landmine stack increased to 5

Full changelog (June 25, 2015)


  • Added dynamic weather
  • Added roadsign jacket
  • Added semi auto pistol
  • Prevented building underground
  • At distance furnace lights are turned off (instead of just their shadows)
  • Fixed being able to wear hide boots over other shoes
  • Codelock gives small electric shock on failure
  • Fixed some tree normal textures not being set as normals
  • On Community HUD images are blank before loading from URL
  • Added OverlayTOP to Community HUD (to show UI on top of everything)
  • Added player flag VoiceMuted for mods
  • Added player flag ThirdPersonViewmode for mods
  • Slightly reduced ragdolls going crazy
  • Fixed dropping items between the grid in loot panels
  • Fixed locks not always showing properly on wooden storage
  • Can right click to loot instead of dragging (has time delay)
  • Dropped items combine and stack on collision
  • Can only rotate placed blocks for 10 minutes after placing
  • Can demolish placed blocks for up to 10 minutes after placing
  • Make sure all sounds are controllable by volume controls
  • Fixed wolves dropping multiple skulls
  • Explosive/Incendiary rounds travel at the same rate.
  • All other bullet types travel about 30% faster than before.
  • Custom SMG used to nerf bullet velocity by 40%, now only by 20%.
  • Shotgun Slug travels faster than pellets.
  • Shotgun Pellets do 50% more damage (15 instead of 10).
  • Fixed campfire/furnace pretending to be on after server restart
  • Aligned bolt rifle ironsights
  • Timed Explosive only damages the block it’s placed on
  • Fixed items disappearing when dropped onto wooden boxes in the inventory
  • Crouched players move silently
  • Viewmodel bobs slower when crouched
  • Fixed footsteps playing when not moving
  • Mining Quarries work slightly faster (5 sec instead of 6).
  • Mining Quarries yield 3x as many resources.
  • Stuck objects like spears and arrows fall out of objects when they are destroyed.
  • Spear throw-velocity has been nerfed.
  • Spear throw-damage has been slightly nerfed.
  • Spear has a tiny amount of inaccuracy when thrown (no longer a laser).
  • Burning wood creates less charcoal
  • Campfire/Furnace loot panels have on/off buttons
  • Items in inventory being burnt have a fire icon
  • Preventing selecting contained item in hat/water bottles
  • Can drink from water catcher loot panel
  • Fixed being able to drag water and drop into world from water catcher
  • Server Console reports invalid commands properly
  • Codelock no longer needs a blueprint
  • Pump Shotgun is less rare
  • Gunpowder crafts 2x faster
  • Toggling lens dirt off in F2 only turns off F2 (not bloom)
  • Added a low quality bloom mode (some kind of bloom is now always on)
  • Fixed wrong description on pumpkin
  • Restricted sleep command to admins
  • Increased grenade throw power
  • Fixed horse/chicken ragdolls not bleeding
  • Added network data caching
  • Moved player persistence folder to UserPersistance.db
  • Fixed some item names showing as Translate+Phrase
  • Player bones are scaled randomly according to steamid
  • Optimized inventory menu performance
  • Fixed some prefab errors
  • Updated to Unity 5.1.1
  • Grass treads down on lower shader level
  • Grass no longer gets dragged down into caves
  • Fixed serverlist sort order
  • Triangle foundations/floors cost less
  • Triangle foundations/floors have shell protection
  • Floors, doors, pillars, half wall, doorway wall, window wall, foundation steps cost less
  • Doors, window bars, pillars, low wall have lower maximum health