Update 75

Added news feed to menu
 Added server history to menu front page
 Added friends who are playing to menu front page
 Added player stats to menu
 Added global stats to menu
 Reorganised server list
 Added server info popup (instead of viewing in panel on right)
 Added inventory screen to menu
 Added store screen to menu
 Connection screen shows info about the server
 Added server.headerimage (url to image, 512x256)
 Added server.description (shown in server info panel)
 Added server.url (shown in server info panel)
 Kill suicides instantly instead of being wounded
 Server history join date is recorded properly
 Boots require leather instead of cloth
 Longsleeve TShirt requires more cloth than shortsleeve
 Added bandana
 Added balaclava skins
 Fixed error reporting (was reporting too much)
 Fixed connection exploit
 Added lazy aim
 SQlite handles database corruption better
 Ladder placement no longer ignores building permission
 Ladders health increased
 Added new and improved hit detection
 Added projectile penetration
 Improved projectile ricochet
 Item skins now work (ie the one sleeping bag skin)
 Updated item descriptions
 New c4 explosion sound
 New beancan grenade sounds
 Reverb tails wander more naturally
 New building gib sounds
 Changed cupboard building zone shape
 Location based voice limiting for sounds
 Crossfading between more than two distant sound variations is supported
 New super distant gunshot sounds for all guns
 New leaf rustle variations for different plants
 Added a small sound when raising/lowering iron sights
 Cleaned up pie menu sounds a little bit
 Rocks have spec reflections again. (Maybe a bit too much.)
 Trees have branches again
 Improved terrain reflections
 Color grading reworked from scratch for upcoming changes
 Glossy mushrooms slightly reflect light (!)
 Elephant grass (near water) animation no longer acts all buggy
 Made pumpkin plants slightly harder to keep alive
 Fixed pumpkin plant colliding with players walking
 Tweaked weather parameters

Update 74

New plant picking sound
Horse footsteps don’t sound like coconuts anymore
Fixed some more causes of rubber banding and lag
Optimized dynamic memory allocations of projectiles (reduces frequency of frame rate spikes during gunfights)
Fixed first person player shadow lagging behind
Added "teleport playerA playerB" admin console command ("teleport player" still works as before)
Added "teleport2me player" admin console command
Added "client.fps" and "server.fps" console commands
Admins are no longer all female
Modding: Available UI overlays are now "Overlay", "Overlay/Top", "HUD/Overlay" and "HUD/Overlay/Top"
PVE servers no longer allow damage to buildings from players outside of the cupboard range
PVE servers now always allow building demolition if in cupboard range instead of only for 10 minutes
Fixed player bone list including mesh LODs and other non-bone transforms (speeds up certain rig-related operations like rigidbody instantiations)
Loot Barrels new visuals and gibs
Corn Plants new art
Fixed ragdolls sometimes to being able to be harvested/looted
Fixed some ragdoll jitter
Tweaked lighting on player in inventory menu
Fixed entities sometimes being networked globally when first spawned
Master server query port is now shared with game port
Clothing icons are rendered from the actual items
Building blocks can be rotated for 10 minutes after upgrading
Added dirt layer to some clothing items
Fixed black beenie skin not being black
Fixed PCGamer showing on main menu
Reject invalid player names
Fixed loot tables not generating properly